Brief Exercise Guide

Penis Enlargement Through Natural Exercises: A Brief Guide

The following is a brief guide to some natural penis enlargement exercises. These are healthy solutions to chemical techniques and are excellent solutions to the prevailing problem amongst many men – Small Penis Syndrome. Penis enlargement is real and attainable using the following techniques.

Power Stretch Exercise

1. Stretch your head outwards from your body for 5-6 seconds.
2. Pull the head directly to your right, feeling pressure on your left side, for 5-6 seconds.
3. Reverse direction, 5-6 seconds.
4. Pull downwards, 5-6 seconds.
5. Lastly, an upwards stretch for 5-6 seconds.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 approximately 10-12 times.

Circular Stretch Exercise

1. Stretch your head outwards from your body for 5-6 seconds.
2. Stretch straight outwards, again, 5-6 seconds.
3. Then, proceed to circular stretching by moving penis in a circular motion, counter-clockwise.
4. Continue to repeat 1-3 20-30 times.

Sit Down Stretch Exercise

1. Start by massaging penis until it is erect.
2. Then, sit on a table. Face your penis backward. Keep your body in front and penis in the back. Adjust to stretch the penis.
3. Remain in position for 5-10 minutes.

V Stretch Exercise

1. Hold your head in your right hand, making an “OK” sign.
2. Stretch your penis outwards for 5 seconds.
3. Apply pressure top your base with your left thumb.
4. Move your thumb down the shaft, slowly, until it reaches the head. Less than 10 seconds.
5. Then, move thumb back down to the base. Again, less than 10 seconds.
6. Repeat 1-5 about 10 times.

The above techniques are safe and effective means of penis enlargement. And, these penis enlargement exercises can be done without a doctor and without pills. Penis enlargement exercises are valuable tools in the fight against Small Penis Syndrome. No one wants to feel like their penis is too small, and with safe penis enlargement methods available, no one has to.