How Do Exercises Work?

Penis stretching operates on the principle that when tissue is subject to constant stress, it breaks down and rebuilds itself, creating cells to fill the empty space, thus increasing the size of the penis. This is based on common sense, and we know it to be true from the pages of National Geographic. We’ve all seen pictures of African tribesmen with lips stretching around platters the size of dessert plates – this age-old technique can work for your penis.

After a billion or so years of evolution, the body has learned to adjust. With a quality product from a trusted company (FastSize comes to mind), penis size can finally be your choice. Why leave your body up to chance and genetics? Take control of your penis size, and start a satisfying regime of stretching today.

But does penis stretching really work? The penis isn’t just muscle tissue. It has a complex internal structure, with spongy tissue and cavities that fill with blood. And even if it is possible to increase overall penis size, what about width and girth? Trusted manufacturers of penile traction devices, such as FastSize, have been developing devices for years, and have devised the best model for growing up and an out. Check out their websites!

Penis stretching, of course, is only one step on the road to enhanced penis size. A regime of pills and the herbal patch from Vimax, or even Maxiderm, will quickly allow you to realize all your penis dreams.