How Do Patches Work?

The Penis Enlargement Patch – The Science

Scientists have determined that the trans-dermal patch is among the most effective ways to deliver medication, so it makes sense that the penis enhancement community has started using this method.

The penis growth patch is made with a thin layer of specially designed penis enlargement herbs applied to an adhesive layer. A matrix is applied to regulate the transmission of medication. Lasting penis growth occurs over a period of weeks and months as the patch releases its growth herbs. Vimax and Maxiderm patches, in particular, have perfected the design of the penis enlargement patch – their design is a sophisticated mix of technology and common sense.

The technology behind the construction of the Vimax and Maxiderm patch ensures long lasting penis growth, guaranteed. Their websites make this quite clear. It has consistently been rated the most trusted and effective penis patch on the market. And thousands of satisfied customers and their lovers can’t be wrong. You could measure the effectiveness of the Vimax patch in sighs and moans of pleasure!

The herbal ingredients delivered to your body are a time-tested mix of penis growth enhancers and other health-giving herbs. They are made in approved pharmaceutical facilities and provide a safe alternative to other, riskier modes of penis enlargement. Highly recommended!