Penis Extender FAQ

Must I follow a fixed penis stretching pattern to see enlargement?
No, you can wear extenders such as SizeGenetics as you wish. Penis enlargement depends on the total number of hours worn and the traction obtained.

Can the penis stretching go on for as long as I want? Will I keep getting results?
Penis enlargement will continue as the treatment continues, however, there will be a point when your body reaches its maximum and you will no longer see an increase.

How long will it take to see penis enlargement?
It depends on the penis stretching device you choose. Higher quality models like ProExtender will work more effectively than others. Often, results start in the flaccid state within the first week. More noticeable penis enlargement will start to form in about 25-35 days. As you continue the treatment and extend the device, you will gradually see increases in both length and girth.

Can I wear an extender like SizeGenetics at work and while I sleep?
If you have a non-physical job, a penis stretching device can be worn underneath underwear and loose fitting pants. Breaks every 1 or 2 hours are recommended. Of course, only good extenders like SizeGenetics should be used this way.