Penis Extender

Penis growth using a manual penis enlarger has suffered from a certain sense of taboo in the past. However, as the practice becomes more effective, legitimate and safe, it’s now a publicly acceptable means to enhance penis growth and aid in sexual enjoyment and performance.

A penis extender (or a jelqing device), if properly designed, is an extremely effective way to address the problem of a small penis. The new products available out there are of dramatically improved construction, and penis growth is guaranteed with products such as SizeGenetics. As a penis enlarger, the SizeGenetics is probably the most sophisticated and well-designed enlarger among the next-generation extenders.

Your penis size effects confidence both with women and your peers in general. Many who use penis enlarger products, such as the SizeGenetics, report a huge increase in confidence with women due to their penis growth, and not just in the bedroom.

Confidence is a very attractive quality to women; they sense it straight away when meeting a man. When you have that knowing glint in your eye and a “not a care in the world” aura, you can enjoy more attention than ever before from the opposite sex.

When you are packing a meatier, fuller penis, you too will become more flirtatious and bold. After using a penis enlarger such as SizeGenetics, charming any woman will become easy.