Penis Patch FAQ

Penis Enlargement & Enhancement Patches FAQ

Clients are often full of questions regarding the penis enlargement patch. How exactly does it work? Are there side effects? Are the results faster than with the pill? How long does one have to wear the patch? How much will it increase my penis size? Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about penis enlargement. These questions relate to the quality patches from Vimax and Maxiderm, as we have determined that they are the best.

Are there any noticeable side effects?
Up to now all studies conducted by scientists and doctors on the patch have shown no negative side effects whatsoever. The effects are sometimes varied, but always positive. In addition to an enlargement of penis size, users will notice significant increases in penis girth. Other noticeable effects include increases in sex drive and harder and longer-lasting erections.

How does the penis enlargement patch work?

The patch works by transmitting penis enlargement herbs, thus enlarging the three chambers within your penis. This enables them to hold more blood and circulate the blood faster and with more power, as well as stretching the surrounding fibrous sheets. This always leads to an increase in penis size, both in length and girth.

How long does it take to see results?

It all depends on the brand. With a high-quality brand like Vimax or Maxiderm, you’ll see results soon after starting. In some cases the early effects start to become apparent after a few days; however, you should allow 14 to 21 days before expecting real noticeable increases in penis size.

Are penis patches safe?

Penis enlargement patches are completely safe with zero side effects. In some cases, the sensitivity of the penis is increased, which in the end simply serves to make love making more enjoyable.