Top 5 Exercises

  1. Make sure you warm up.
    Before beginning your penis enlargement exercise regime be certain to warm up. The penis is like any other muscle system in the body and can be damaged if you demand too much of the muscles before loosening up.

    The thing to remember about natural penis enlargement programs is that they function on the same principles as any other exercise or dietary regime. Start off easy, taking small steps toward your goal. You don’t go to the gym and start lifting the two hundred pound barbells right away, and you don’t see results by trying to speed up the process. Maintaining a steady, dedicated daily routine is how to make natural penis enlargement programs work for you.

  2. Integrate the easier exercises into your daily life.
    Doing PC flexes throughout the day is the best workout to curb premature orgasms and help maintain your erections. You can do this anywhere, anytime.

    Simply flex the muscle you use to hold in your urine, holding it at first for just a few seconds, then trying to maintain it longer. This is the same muscle that controls your ejaculation. By doing this simple flexing routine daily, (start off with about twenty repetitions, then work your way up to one hundred or so reps).

  3. Keep the workouts frequent and short.
    Work out for twenty to forty minutes at a time. Don’t kill yourself, and don’t over train. Imagine tearing a muscle, even over stressing your penis. That seems contrary to the purpose of penis enlargement exercise, no? Not to mention, painful.

    You will see results if you’re consistent. The worst, yet most common mistake is people overzealous to see results who overwork themselves off the beginning and then lose faith, or endurance because they perceive the exercises as too hard. A little bit every day is a way to success.

  4. Eat healthy foods.
    Common sense, right? The key to seeing results is conducting the right exercises, consistently, and regularly taking the herbal supplements. You can greatly improve your body’s absorption of the of the supplements by maintaining a healthy diet. Many of the ingredients found in the pills or patches can be found in smaller quantities in many common foods.

    Increase your intake of the essentials, and help your body get the most of the exercises by eating a high protein diet, with plenty of vitamins.

  5. Don’t give up. It takes Time.
    You wouldn’t believe a number of people who quit exercising because it seemed too difficult, too rigorous and tried to simply rely on a penis patch because its easier. The penis patch (or pill) is an important element of all natural penis enlargement programs but it can not be the only element. Ingesting the herbs will do very little without conducting the penis enlargement exercise that strengthens the body and allows it to process the supplements. As with any other exercise or dietary regime, it is essential to take a holistic, diverse approach and stay consistent.